Council Documents

The following Bodicote Parish Council policy documents can be
viewed and downloaded below.



2017 – 

 Balance Sheet 31st March 2017
 Income and Expenditure 2016-2017


2018 – 

 Annual Return for the Year Ended 31st March 2018
 Bank Reconciliations and Variance Analysis Year Ended 31st March 2018
 Notice of Public Rights for Audit of Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2018

2017 – 

 Annual Return for the Year Ended 31st March 2017
 Audit Inspection Notice – Commencing 3rd July 2017
 Notice of Conclusion of Audit – August 2017

 Bias in Decision Making – How to Recognise it and Avoid it

 Code of Conduct 

 Complaints Procedure

 Councillor Monitoring Areas

Data Protection

 BPC – Data Protection Registration Certificate


 Donations List – 2015-2016 
 Donations/Subscriptions List – 2016-2017 

Environmental Policies

 Policy on Climate Change and Carbon Reduction
 Policy for the Protection of Green Open Spaces and Verges
 Policy on Solar Photovoltaic Panels
 Policy on Sustainability & Green Issues
 Policy on Wind Turbines

 Financial Regulations 

 Footpath Policy 

 Freedom of Information Policy

 Good Councillors Guide 2016 

Grievance and Dispute Policies

 BPC – Grievance & Discipline Procedure for Dispute Resolution
 Dispute Resolution Process – OALC Guide
 BPC – Grievance Policy & Procedure
 BPC – Dignity at Work Policy
 BPC – Member: Officer Protocol

Insurance Policy Documents 

 BPC – Certificate of Employer’s Liability Insurance – 2017-2018 
 BPC – Schedule of Insurance – 2017-2018

  Media Protocol

  Play Policy 

  Record of Bodicote Parish Land  

Register of Assets

 Register of Assets – 2015-2016 
 Register of Assets – 2016-2017 

Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit

 Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit – 2016
 Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit and Risk Assessments – 2017

Risk Assessments

 Risk Assessment – October 2016 
 Risk Assessment – April 2017


 BPC – Burial Ground Regulations – 2018
 BPC – Burial Fee Scales
 BPC – Burial Fees – 2018-2019

 Standing Orders 

 Urgent Business

 Volunteer Policy

 Winter Snow Action