Council Documents

The following Bodicote Parish Council policy documents can be
viewed and downloaded below.



2017 – 

 Balance Sheet 31st March 2017
 Income and Expenditure 2016-2017


2017 – 

 Annual Return for the Year Ended 31st March 2017
 Audit Inspection Notice – Commencing 3rd July 2017
 Notice of Conclusion of Audit – August 2017

 Bias in Decision Making – How to Recognise it and Avoid it

 Code of Conduct 

 Complaints Procedure

 Councillor Monitoring Areas

Data Protection

 BPC – Data Protection Registration Certificate


 Donations List – 2015-2016 
 Donations/Subscriptions List – 2016-2017 

Environmental Policies

 Policy on Climate Change and Carbon Reduction
 Policy on Solar Photovoltaic Panels
 Policy on Sustainability & Green Issues
 Policy on Wind Turbines

 Financial Regulations 

 Footpath Policy 

 Freedom of Information Policy

 Good Councillors Guide 2016 

Grievance and Dispute Policies

 BPC – Grievance & Discipline Procedure for Dispute Resolution
 Dispute Resolution Process – OALC Guide
 Grievance Policy & Procedure for BPC
 Dignity at Work Policy for BPC
 Member_Officer Protocol for BPC

Insurance Policy Documents 

 BPC – Certificate of Employer’s Liability Insurance – 2017-2018 
 BPC – Schedule of Insurance – 2017-2018

  Media Protocol

  Play Policy 

  Record of Bodicote Parish Land  

Register of Assets

 Register of Assets – 2015-2016 
 Register of Assets – 2016-2017 

Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit

 Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit – 2016
 Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit and Risk Assessments – 2017

Risk Assessments

 Risk Assessment – October 2016 
 Risk Assessment – April 2017


 BPC – Burial Ground Regulations – 2017
 Burial Fee Scales
 BPC – Burial Fees – 2017-2018

 Standing Orders 

 Urgent Business

 Volunteer Policy

 Winter Snow Action