Banbury ‘Michaelmas Fair’ – Wednesday 18th October to Friday 20th October 2017

The Michaelmas Fair returns to Banbury this week.
Setting up will begin on Tuesday 17th October and will be primarily located in Horsefair, North Bar, Market Place and Bridge Street.

It commences at 4:00pm on Wednesday 18th October until late on Friday 20th October, opening at midday on the Thursday and Friday.

A reminder that road and car park closures will be in effect from Tuesday 17th October until the fair departs. And Banbury market will not operate on Thursday 19th October but will return as normal on Saturday 21st October.

Buses that use Bridge Street will use Banbury Bus station whilst the fair is in town.

The following bus bays will be used for the following buses –
Bay 2 – B6
Bay 3 – B5
Bay 4 – B8
Bay 5 – Route 500
Bay 6 – Route S4
Bay 7 – Route 488/489, 200 and B10

Bay 8 – B2, Route 6 & 7