Cherwell District Council – ‘Cherwell Community Lottery’

Cherwell District Council will be launching the ‘Cherwell Community Lottery’ in July 2019.

The lottery will enable local not-for-profit community groups (‘good cause partners’), such as charities, sports groups, youth groups and voluntary organisations, to benefit directly from lottery tickets purchased by their supporters.

A guaranteed fifty percent of each £1 ticket sale will go to the local ‘good cause partner’ (a further ten percent goes into a centrally held good cause fund). 
Participating groups will be provided with a dedicated page on the lottery website, and bespoke branded materials to help raise awareness and drive ticket sales.

Lottery players will have the option of donating directly to their named partner organisations when they buy their ticket, or they can donate to a central fund where not-for-profit groups can apply to receive a special one-off grant.
Every week ticket buyers have a 1 in 50 chance of winning a prize, and the top prize is £25,000.

Applying to be a participating ‘good cause’ is FREE. 
Please email brief details regarding your organisation to or alternatively you can call Louise Willis on 01295 221800.

A FREE information event has also been launched and will take place on Wednesday 15th May 2019, from 5:00-7:00pm at Banbury Town Hall. 
To register to attend please use the following eventbrite link – or email