Cherwell District Council – ‘Considering Joint Working Arrangements with Oxfordshire County Council’

Cherwell District Council have released the following news…….

The Local Government Review in Northamptonshire has required the Leader and the administration of Cherwell District Council to reflect upon its future and consider what is best for its residents.
Published: Tuesday, 29th May 2018

As a result, they are minded to formally end their successful partnership with South Northamptonshire, and are looking at future options that will best suit the interests of its residents. These include discussions with Oxfordshire County Council about an agreement, in principle, regarding joint working.

A proposal is being considered for shared service arrangements under a joint chief Executive with Oxfordshire County Council. Both organisations would retain separate councillor bodies, budgets and decision-making processes.

The exact arrangements for sharing services and joining up functions would need to be worked out in detail and then agreed separately by each council.

No decisions have been made regarding such a partnership between both organisations, which is to be considered by Cherwell Council.

It is a statutory requirement that the Chief Executive, as head of paid service, is appointed by the full councils of each council and formal appointment processes will be followed. The joint appointment is expected to be made from one of the existing chief executives.

The proposed partnership is not connected to unitary reorganisation proposals, and would instead offer an innovative opportunity to make two-tier local government more effective.