Cherwell District Council – ‘Taxi Passenger Safety Information’

Is the taxi you’re jumping into licensed?
All Hackney carriage vehicles licensed by Cherwell District Council are white and display a white plate to the rear. These vehicles can be hailed from the street.
Private-hire vehicles can be any colour and display a green rectangular plate to the rear. These vehicles have to be booked in advance.
Unlicensed vehicles will not have passed the compliance testing so, therefore, may not meet the council’s rigorous safety standards and they will not have adequate insurance.

You can also rate your taxi experience via the ‘Rate My Taxi’ survey – or by scanning the QR code on the ‘Rate My Taxi’ card, which will be displayed in your vehicle, with your mobile phone.

For further information on the ‘Rate My Taxi’ initiative and to see the published results please use the following link –