Dog Owner Advice from Cherwell District Council

In light of the hot weather and the increase in dog thefts, Cherwell District Council are offering the following advice to dog owners –

Cherwell District Council’s warden has provided some advice for dog owners who want to enjoy the good weather with their four-legged friends while keeping them safe

To ensure dogs’ health and wellbeing, it is recommended to walk them outside peak sunshine hours whilst keeping them hydrated and ensuring they have constant access to shade.

Their safety is also very critical since dog theft has risen by 24 per cent nationally in the last three years. So, the council is reminding residents that, since last year, microchipping and tagging their dogs have been legal requirements to help increase the chances of finding a lost or stolen dog.

Dog owners are also recommended to be considerate of other walkers and keep their dogs under proper control as the council has already received several reports of dog on dog attacks and out of control dog issues.

Chris Cundy, Cherwell District Council’s dog warden, said: “There is no better time of the year than the summer to enjoy a walk in the countryside with our dogs. However, they are sensitive creatures and we need to take extra care if we want them to benefit from their outdoor adventures.
“I want to remind residents that council’s officers are always available to give them advice on pets’ health and safety. Dog owners should also bear in mind that the council is the first point of contact to report a missing dog.
“What’s more, I would invite dog owners to be considerate of the environment and take responsibility for any dog fouling. In order to help owners keep streets clear from dog mess, Cherwell provides free dog waste bags.”

Residents are reminded that failure to ‘scoop the poop’ could result in a £50 fine while dumping the bag with the mess can result in a higher fine of £75. Dog waste bags can be collected from several places including selected post offices, certain parish councils and participating vet and charity shops.

In order to facilitate the rescue of a lost dog, in addition to microchips and security tags, owners are advised to take pictures of their dogs from various angles. These can be used to advertise the missing dogs and prove ownership.

Further information on various aspects of Animal Welfare, can be found directly on the Cherwell District Council website – 

Dog waste bags can be collected from the following locations –