European Parliamentary Elections ‘Registration Deadline’ – Tuesday 7th May 2019

The European Parliamentary Elections will take place on Thursday 23rd May 2019.

If you would like to vote but perhaps haven’t registered, have moved/due to move house, got married/divorced or changed your name, you have until 11:59pm today, Tuesday 7th May, to register to be eligible to vote in this election. 
Please use the following link to register –

If you are registered but will be away on polling day, you can apply for a postal vote. 
If you are going to be away on polling day, but do not want a postal vote, you can appoint a proxy (someone who votes on your behalf) to vote in your usual polling station.

Applications for postal votes and amendments to existing postal votes/proxy votes ends at 5:00pm on Wednesday 8th May. 
Applications for new proxy votes ends at 5:00pm on Wednesday 15th May.

For further information on ways to vote please go to the ‘Your Vote Matters’ website –