Not a fan of Halloween Trick or Treaters knocking on your door?

If you, or someone you know, a friend/family member/relative/neighbour, doesn’t like to be disturbed on Halloween night by Trick or Treaters. You might be pleased to know that both the Neighbourhood Watch and Thames Valley Police have produced posters for residents to stick on their doors or in their windows to ask ‘not to be disturbed’.

Please download and print off one the posters below, if you would like one – 
Neighbourhood Watch – ‘Trick or Treat’ Sticker  – Trick-or-Treaters-Sticker (1)
Thames Valley Police – ‘Do Not Trick or Treat’ Poster – halloween3_2
Thames Valley Police – ‘No Trick or Treat’ Card – halloween_-_no_trick_or_treat-card_-_ci3749 (2)