Oxfordshire County Council – ‘At least 30 new schools planned as County Council plans meticulously to meet growth in pupil numbers’

An Oxfordshire County Council press release regarding new schools planned across Oxfordshire to deal with an increase in pupil numbers states that – 

‘Around 30 new primary and secondary schools in Oxfordshire are at various stages of being planned as parents of Oxfordshire children are being assured that the county council is meticulously planning in to the future to make sure that there are sufficient school places in the county looking forward to 2022 and beyond’.

Schools planned for Banbury and the surrounding area are as follows –

– Banbury, Southam Road (Primary) – opening 2020
– Bloxham Grove (Special) School North Oxfordshire (7-19 age) – opening 2020
– Salt Way, Banbury (Primary) – opening dependent on housebuilding
– Banbury – (Secondary) – opening dependent on housebuilding
( a site near Banbury Rugby Club, on the Oxford Road, has been suggested as a suitable location for this school. But as of yet there has been no confirmation of this)

To read the whole press release please go to the Oxfordshire County Council website – http://news.oxfordshire.gov.uk/at-least-30-new-schools-planned-as-county-council-plans-meticulously-to-meet-growth-in-pupil-numbers/