Oxfordshire County Council Consultation – ‘Bankside (Banbury) Proposed Parking Restrictions & Traffic Calming Measures’

Oxfordshire County Council are proposing the following proposals along Bankside –

1. To introduce/extend ‘No Waiting at Any Time’ parking restrictions – Double Yellow Lines (DYLs) along parts of Bankside and into various side road junctions

2. Introduce/extend ‘No Waiting Mondays to Saturdays 8am to 6pm’ parking restrictions (SYLs) in parts of Bankside between High Acres and the roundabout to the A4260 Oxford Road

3. Construct a Zebra Crossing on a flat top road hump on Bankside, approx. 30m north-west of its junction with Spinney Drive, and

4. Install 20 pairs of Speed Cushions spaced approx. 80m apart, between the junctions with High Acres and the roundabout to the A4260 Oxford Road.

For further information on these proposals please go to the Oxfordshire County Council website – https://consultations.oxfordshire.gov.uk/consult.ti/BanksideParkingCalmingReconsult/consultationHome 

Hard copies can be viewed in person at Banbury Library, Marlborough Road, Banbury.

Responses to this consultation can be made online by completing the questionnaire on the consultation page,
by email to: christian.mauz@oxfordshire.gov.uk
or in writing to: Traffic Regulation Team (Ref:CM/12.6.120) for the Director of Infrastructure Delivery, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.

Please note that this consultation closes on Friday 28th February 2020.