Mr Jeremy Sacha

My name is Jeremy Sacha and I have been on the Parish Council for 8 years, and a resident of Wykham Lane in Bodicote for nearly 30 years.  

I Chair the Environment Working Party and we oversee many of the day to day management functions of the Parish Council. Making sure the grass is cut, the litter is picked, the flower beds are planted and the bins and seats around the village are well kept and functional.

We manage the amenity open space areas and make sure they are safe and attractive for use, and we look after the burial ground and carry out the landscape maintenance of the cemetery.

Managing the trees in Council owned open spaces is also an important task and we try to keep the County Council on their toes by pointing out the ever increasing number of potholes in the roads around the village.  We try to take a lead on ‘green issues’ and do our bit for a healthier planet and when global warming lets us down in the Winter we make sure that the critical paths around the village are kept free from snow and ice.

In our collective role on the Parish Council we can also have an input to important planning decisions and we try hard to protect the rural landscape around Bodicote that is so important to our identity as a village community.  

I see Bodicote’s greatest strength as the many people who work hard with Bodfest and other events to foster a feeling of community spirit, I see the greatest weakness as people who no longer believe that we can stop the village being swallowed up by Banbury, and I see the greatest threat from those people in Authority who don’t listen and don’t act upon our concerns.

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