Resident Alert – ‘Door to Door Sales & Front Doors Being Tried’

This is solely an awareness post, not intended to cause alarm.

There have been reports in the village of a young man, claiming to be deaf, attempting to sell artwork door to door. 
It appears that large areas of Banbury were also targeted yesterday by different men, and a woman, doing the same thing. 
It has been reported to 101, so the Police are aware.

There have been reports, on a local Facebook page, that some Bloxham residents have had someone attempting to enter their properties by trying front/back doors. 
We thought this might be specific to Bloxham only, but it has now also happened to a resident on Longford Park. 
The Police are aware of the incidents in Bloxham and have been popping leaflets through residents doors to warn them.

As always stay vigilant and please report any suspicious activity/behaviour on 101. If you are a victim of, or witness a crime, please call 999.