‘Swift Awareness Week’ – 16th – 23rd June 2018

Swift numbers have declined significantly in the last 20 years, around 50%. 
Swift Awareness Week aims to raise awareness of Swifts, bring focus to their plight and and provide information about how we can help them.

To find local events ran by local Swift groups, please go to the Action for Swifts website – https://actionforswifts.blogspot.com/2018/01/2018-uk-swift-awareness-week-16-23-june.html

In Bodicote we are very fortunate to have a healthy number of swifts visit year after year with regular monitoring by Bodicote resident Reg Tipping, Chairman of the Banbury Ornithological Society. 
Reg has been busy this Spring fitting swift nest boxes around the village on behalf of the Cherwell Swifts Project. 
If you think you could help our feathered friends by putting up a swift box on your house, please contact Reg Tipping by email at reg.tipping@gmail.com. 
Nest boxes are £16 and will be fitted by Reg and/or a member of the Cherwell Swifts Project.